Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Extra experience up for grabs

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PostSubject: Extra experience up for grabs   Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:59 pm

If you put the link to this site in your profile, on chantango or any other site you will get 10xp, (we will require proof) And keep the link there please, dont get the xp then remove the link.

Also for every person you get, who stays till level 3, we will give you 15xp.

We need alot more members so get recruiting ppl

Name: Dieter Webb
Race: Hollow
Rank: Hollow
Age: 42

-spirit stats-
Hp 10
reiatsu 10

-Body stats-
strength 0
endurance 2
agility 5
reiatsu control 5

-fighting skills stats-
swordsmanship 0
cero 7
unarmed 0
shunpo 5


earned techniques
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Kitsu Hemoya

Kitsu Hemoya

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PostSubject: Re: Extra experience up for grabs   Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:19 am

umm i put the link on my chantango and also i recruited preditorpet9 idk how he is doing however and cannot tell you if he will stay till lvl 3.

ohand the link to my chantango profile http://chatango.com/fpix?dethkid2008
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PostSubject: Re: Extra experience up for grabs   Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:29 am

on chatango: http://nitronie.chatango.com/

>.> Zaratose beat me to it on fc! Affliates: http://finalconflict.freeforums.org/affiliates-f67.html
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PostSubject: Re: Extra experience up for grabs   

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Extra experience up for grabs
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