Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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The IDN Alexandria slowly crept forward, her hull creaked from the stress put unto it. The space-faring vessel had been out for six months and was about to make dock to resupply and make minor repairs. She careened into port and came to a halt, the crew began to unload her. She had made the six month journey to Greko VII and made the return voyage as well. Greko VII was a mining colony deep in an asteroid belt, she mined the materials to construct most of the IDN's capital ship fleet. The "old mine" as most captains called her, was in bad shape and would close down soon, IDN capital construction would come to a screaming halt and many people would be out of jobs, but the politicians didn't care as long as it didn't hurt their wallets.

As the IDN Alexandria finished unloading, another ship came into view. It had no registry under it and was painted with red and gray rather then blue and gray. The dock foreman noticed it and on the main comms opened a channel.

"Come in unidentified vessel," he spoke in a demanding voice, "You are not listed in our registry, announce name, registry code, and business."

"This is UV1," replied a female voice on the ship comm, "This is the Red Valkry, we have no registration code, our business is the following described in this text signal being transmitted to you." Suddenly, a message arrived and when the dock foreman opened it, the dock went crazy, everything began to malfunction and the air-locks opened. Venting people and materials out, in the next instant the port began to take massive amounts of damage and less then three minutes later a round the size of a frigate impacted planetside, erasing the entire populace. Nothing was left behind except space junk and a message floating in space repeating the same video message in a loop: "This is the captain of the ECN Red Valkry. We are the Exiled Colonial Naval flagship, we have come to exact vengence for the exile of our systems from the Imperial Colation of Man. Your end is coming, fear us, for we are the next to rule the universe."
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