Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 The Story of West Wood (Holloween Comptetion Few Years Back)

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The Story of West Wood (Holloween Comptetion Few Years Back) Empty
PostSubject: The Story of West Wood (Holloween Comptetion Few Years Back)   The Story of West Wood (Holloween Comptetion Few Years Back) EmptyFri Oct 30, 2009 5:10 am

For every person you kill, they say another seeks vengeance on your life. Many sought mine, I was a serial killer, but not as many as sought his pelt. I met him but once, but I will never forget it.

I was tracking my latest prey, a girl by the name of Jennifer. Jennifer was a sweet little girl. About seventeen, blonde hair, brown eyes, Caucasian, just the way I liked them. The set up had taken a while to figure, but I had done it. Her troop was scheduled for camping out in the nearby West Woods. The mother was worried, but no one had truly died there, so Jennifer was going. I would do it then. Quietly into the night, I would take her away with me, and she would be under my power. She would live for a time, and at my whim, she would die. The plan I concocted was perfect. The blame would fall on her boyfriend, that they had run away together. I had been at an indecision on whether or not to kill him off quickly and hide the body in a place it would never be found, or to take him with me. To torture him to see her pain at his. Oh the thrill of control, of seeing someone else’s pain, for once not my own. To make it fair. I was not sure at the time. The decision would be made when necessary, but not at that moment. At that moment I had to go. The plan would only work if I went then.

The night I met him, I had followed the boyfriend into the woods. The false note I had left in the boy’s room had been perfect bait, and would serve equally as perfect evidence against the boy. It would be the first of my carefully laid clues that would lead the investigators in the opposite direction in which I would go. I followed the boy all the way to the place in which I had designated in the letter. Every detail in place. I snuck up behind him, stuck the cloth over his mouth, and he was down without a struggle.

I hid him in a cave a ways from the camp site, and so it was twilight by the time I retrieved Jennifer. She was collecting fire wood, and I acted as an injured hiker. As she bent down to examine my wounded leg, I clothed her as well. She was easier to carry, and I was back to the cave about midnight. I clothed the boy again as he stirred, and then bound and gagged them. Afterward, I sat down to wait. Around two in the morning, the girl began to stir. I pulled out the cloth to silence her, but before I could she kicked me. I fell backwards and felt my anger rise at her slight gain in control, the control I had already so carefully taken. She would not take it back. I got up and slapped her, my one ring causing blood to appear on her cheek.

The blood of a virgin is said to be a powerful thing. Used properly, it can even perform resurrection. I guess this is what brought him to us. Hiding in his den, I had brought forth the blood of a virgin.

It started with a simple growl that I recognized, predator to predator. He stepped forth into the light of the waning gibbous moon, and I saw that he was a monster. Covered in fur with a hideous snout, he stood up on two powerful, yet misshapen legs. His hands held fingers, though they ended in claws, and he looked to be a man caught in mid-act of transformation into a wolf. He roared wildly and then set his eye on the blood. Blood, it seemed, was his thing. Unlike the werewolves of legend, who ate human flesh, this creature thrived on the life-blood as if a vampire. I saw this and stepped between them.

Some would think this strange for a serial killer. What did I care for the death of my victims? Did I not wish their deaths anyways? But I did care. They were under my control, and I would relinquish that right to no one until their precious souls, the reason anyone would care for their rotting corpse other than for a meal which humans selfishly denied anyone, were gone to the next life. So, the wolf-creature, should he wish that honor, would have to destroy me first.

The wolf-creature looked into my eyes and saw this. He tilted his head in acknowledgement, and then attacked. I threw up my arm to protect myself, my other reaching for my knife. His sharp teeth sank into my arm, and at the same time my knife slipped from my fumbling fingers into the ground beside me. I had neither the time nor the strength to search for it as all my focus turned to keeping the wolf-creature from my throat. With his claws he reached for my other arm, and would have torn it from me had not the girl had the inclination to hit the wolf-creature too.

The creature reared its head from where it had been trying to mangle me, and looked the girl straight in the eye. It pinned me to the ground with both its claws and feet, digging deep gashes in my extremities, and tore out the girl’s throat. She fell over, suffocating from the blood and weakening from blood loss simultaneously. The wolf-creature seemed to pause to savor its first taste of blood, equally great from the fact that it was virginal, and I used that to buck it from me. I was up and out of the cave before the wolf-creature could figure out why it had been moved.

I was bleeding heavily, and I knew I would not make it from the woods without help. I figured the girl and the boy would suffice for the night, and the troop would leave by morning if I played my cards right, and so I headed for them. I made it, and they took me in and took care of me. However, I was not aware that the pride of the beast was so great, and with that fatal flaw, I doomed them all.

It came for me an hour before dawn. The camp had been quiet, and the fire had burnt itself out. It was a small disturbance, his coming, at first, but soon, people went to check on people, and the whole camp became his play ground. No one thought of me, all alone, weak and shuddering with a transformation of my own slowly overtaking me which was the curse of his bite. No one came to save the poor hiker who had been attacked by wolves. But he remembered, and as soon as the screams turned down to gurgles of despair, he sniffed me out.

When the tent was ripped open by his horrible teeth, I could see what had happened, and the nearest corpse stared at me with the horrified eyes of a young red head, Jennifer’s best friend and a girl who had never been on a true date. Every corpse I could tell had been decimated just enough to let them lie there and watch the others get torn down as they breathed their final breaths. I found myself admiring his control and precision, and smiled as he leaned over me so that I could smell his foul breath.

“I surrender to your dominance.” I said quietly, and for the first time in my life, I felt free. I had spent so much time seeking out a creature like him; one I could happily give my life over in death, and feel secure in the knowledge that he was the ultimate control. Now I had found him, I was ready to die. He tilted his head as he had in the cave, and ripped out my heart from my chest so fast that, before my sight faded, the last thing I saw was him standing above me holding my still beating heart.

I hovered in my ghostly state for a while in those woods after that, my curiosity at what they would see holding me there. Slowly I was joined by others, investigators who sought the answer to the troop that never returned. He ruled them all, and they joined me under his dominion in death. I told them the story, as I tell you now, and they were satisfied to leave. I have hovered long enough and will leave soon as well for what awaits me there. I ask that you carry on my task here, in the West Wood, my comrade in death.

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The Story of West Wood (Holloween Comptetion Few Years Back)
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