Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 FAQ (about the bleach rpg)

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PostSubject: FAQ (about the bleach rpg)   FAQ (about the bleach rpg) EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 1:59 am

How do i make my character?

go to character templates, and post your character there. there are various posts to help you understand how to make your character.

read this post


and this one, and you should understand the basics of character creation.


How many stat points do i start with?

you start with 10 stats points for body stats and 10 for fighting skills stats.
see this post. http://bleachera.forumotion.com/character-creation-templates-f2/leveling-in-the-rp-t588.htm

What do these stats mean?

the meaning of stats can be found here. http://bleachera.forumotion.com/bleach-rpg-rules-f1/fighting-rules-t607.htm and here http://bleachera.forumotion.com/character-creation-templates-f2/stats-and-their-meanings-t587.htm

Can i kill another player or NPC?

any npc's we have created cannot be killed without the creators consent, nor can other players. we dont want you killing an NPC for someone if they plan to use it in the future.

Does squad matter?

Unless you want to be really specific character wise, as in a straight healer, or a complete scientist, then no, squad means almost nothing, except for the members who are with you.

Does squad matter for my stats?

not one bit.

How do i get a mission each week?

ask an admin for a mission, or the captain of your squad, or if your arrancar, anyone of higher rank than you.

How do i become an officer?

when you reach certain levels you get the chance to become an officer. the level requirements can be found here. http://bleachera.forumotion.com/character-creation-templates-f2/leveling-in-the-rp-t588.htm

can i have more than one character?

no you cannot, although if you do feel like a new one, ask an admin and we'll put your old character into storage for 2 of your new characters levels. after which you must choose to keep your new character or your old character.

does aizen rule the arrancar?

do not confuse us with bleach, this is an alternate bleach reality, same principles, different people. also we will not have anyone as loserish as aizen, even if he does look kinda cool.

What does my rank or title mean?
rank effects how many powers are available to you, and give you bonus stats. http://bleachera.forumotion.com/character-creation-templates-f2/powers-abilities-and-rank-extras-t599.htm

What are techniques?
Techniques are abilities you can use if you reach a certain stat requirement. they can be useful story additions, or very powerful combat abilities.

shinigami techniques

hollow techniques

If i have extra stats for rank, do i get techniques automatically?
No, extra stats are put in () to save us time, extra stats will enhance your skills, but they don't count for determining if you reach a stat requirement for a technique.
so a hollow with 5 extra stats due to rank, will not geet bala, they must have 5 stat points put in naturally to get bala.

I'm still confused about an issue that isn't here. can i contact you guys?

of course, you can PM us on thee forums or if you have chatango contact us there. either Evenar,Blazonio,Tapi, or Afrovillage (he's DP on the forums.)

Name: Dieter Webb
Race: Hollow
Rank: Hollow
Age: 42

-spirit stats-
Hp 10
reiatsu 10

-Body stats-
strength 0
endurance 2
agility 5
reiatsu control 5

-fighting skills stats-
swordsmanship 0
cero 7
unarmed 0
shunpo 5


earned techniques
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FAQ (about the bleach rpg)
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