Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 How the Hollow Stole Christmas

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How the Hollow Stole Christmas Empty
PostSubject: How the Hollow Stole Christmas   How the Hollow Stole Christmas EmptyTue Dec 22, 2009 7:16 am

How the Hollows Stole Christmas by Loki Kasawa

Twas the night before bleach-mas, and all through the land,

Not a hollow was stirring, not even the sand;

The knives were laid out by the table with care,

In hopes that the victim soon would be there;

A patrol had been sent to find this particular clown,

And all of them had run out to get him from town;

The wait had been long, all year they had studied,

Wondering if Santa was hollow or shinigami;

But in this dark night, they paced restlessly,

Thinking perhaps he wasn’t truth necessarily;

And so as they turn to leave and go home,

They heard jingle bells, and saw a figure alone;

He pealed through the sky like an enemy in flight,

And when they caught him it gave such a fright,

He fainted dead away, the jolly old elf,

And a small hollow smiled, in spite of himself;

They took him back by gargantuan in rush,

Pulling the reindeer along, simple to make them hush,

They strapped him to the table, but before they could begin,

A horde of strong shinigami were let in;

The man in shadows, from his place by their side,

Glared down at his minions, showing no signs of pride;

“You are ruining Christmas, for the humans and us,”

“So we’re taking him back, the great Saint, Nicholas.”

And with that proclamation from the greatest of them,

They slaughtered them all, cutting off every limb;

But one got away, as they released Santa Claws,

The smallest of them, who had been the whole cause,

And safely away, he growled at the shinigami in anger,

Knowing full well being quiet was saner,

“Merry Christmas for now, but here in eternal night,”

“One day you shall fall, at Papa Shadow-man’s might.”
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How the Hollow Stole Christmas Empty
PostSubject: Re: How the Hollow Stole Christmas   How the Hollow Stole Christmas EmptyTue Dec 22, 2009 12:43 pm

Ahaha, this is very awesome!!! Nice ending too ;D. Oh and btw, this poem rhymed throughout. And I'm not talking about random rhyming with odd words, but ones that make sense. Hmm, seems like we've got a lot of poets in this rpg :3

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How the Hollow Stole Christmas
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