Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Where the Fallen Lie

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((Unfinished, just want feedback))
Chapter One: the Rain
Ever since I can remember, I hated the rain. It gave me a feeling of doubt, an awareness to shallow for any others to follow as if the entire world lay at my feet, crying. It always rains at bad occasions, casting an overtone of sadness within the events they show. Never once have I seen a day where a group of people cheered happily and sung and danced within the rain, the rain is a heartbreaking sight in all intensity. So when I tell you, that today was terrible, not because it rained, but because of what the rain assisted in breaking me of, I tell you I truly hate the rain even more now. You may question why, but its because that day, the day it all changed, it rained.


Rain beat on every surface creating a symphony of water. It was a sad tune, a tune that echoes no matter when nor where it rains. A group of horsemen rode through the sad symphony as they made their way towards a manor entrance. As the heavily armored men approached the gate, a group of cloaked men emerged from within it's guard house. The host of men approaching halted before them and looked to the cloaked men, their leader removed his horned helmet and smiled with sharp pointed teeth and blood-red eyes.

"Who goes there?" asked the man within the dark cloak, his face obscured by his clothing. Nothing but the cloak was visible as if it was to add some dark commanding aura to him.

"Line Captain Alexander Dreas of the Sons of Solaris," replied the red eyed demon. His face was pale as if his blood no longer flowed into it, the moonlight and water casting a chaotic vision to it, "We are here in commemoration of Lady Aliya's grand birthday."

"The Sons of Solaris?" asked the man questioningly, "Perchance you have proof of this claim? A parchment of your order to reassure me that you are who you claim to be."

"I have no parchment," replied Alexander, his men moving close to himself, "But I do have a proof to my claim." He reached within his bag for something, a reek emenating from it. He pulled from it a large round object, it was a disembodied head. The man tossed it to the ground before the guards, it stuck in the slush. Everyone recognized it, it was Lord-General Jerald Firehammer of the Sons of Solaris, father to Lady Aliya. The men in the dark cloaks reacted instantly, but they acted too slow. As soon as they'd recognized the head they'd sprung into action, not as soon as it had been pulled from the bag. The horsemen on the other hand, had. They slew the guards with an ease not many could match. All of them had truly been of the Sons of Solaris, but now they served a new order, the Order of Knights of the Helkhan Empire.

As soon as the group had dispatched their quarry, they began their ascent to Lady Aliya's birthday ball. Lady Aliya was the heir to the Kingdom of Regelis and as such, the Daughters of Lunaris belonged to her. The Daughters of Lunaris was a military force who worshiped the Lady of the Moon, Lunaris, and served the Lady of House Regelis as her personal guard. Even if Lady Aliya was turning twelve, she was a danger to the Helkhan Empire's plans.

The Daughters of Lunaris had watched from afar, as ordered by their mistress of command, General Erica Seriya. They had watched even though they knew what would come of these riders by how they had carried themselves. They were on guard constantly, not at ease as they should be at the base of the main fortress of Regelis, Garanth.

They descended on the horsemen, but as they did so, the lead man whom had produced the disembodied head charged up the path towards the royal hold. Most of the force was caught up with the force of riders which apparently had allies whom moved in from the cover of night to attack the Daughters of Lunaris. They all knew the truth, the battle at the gate was a diversion as the leader made his way to Lady Aliya. As Alexander Dreas reached the final length he slowed his horse and donned the long red cloak of a Son of Solaris. He wrapped it about himself and as he approached the entrance and dismounted, he smiled to the main guard and spoke.

"I am here to grant a gift to Lady Aliya," stated Alexander Dreas, holding his hand forwards. Suddenly a flash of light erupted from his hand and the man felt a warm bolt of light pass through him, searing his wound shut as it burned through him, killing him. Alexander then entered the great room. It was a great room filled with multitudes of knights, high ranking soldiers, nobles, priests and priestesses, and wealthy traders bearing gifts for Lady Aliya.

Alexander entered as if no violent actions had occured yet, as if all that had happened was he had arrived. He began to clap loudly, his every clap echoing through the great room, silencing all conversation and music. Everyone made a large gap from him, guards tensing, unable to descern what he had planned, obviously angry because he was armed and armored before the Lady Aliya. The young girl strode through the crowd to face him.

"What is it Son of Solaris, why do you cause this ruckus?" questioned the young but intelligent girl, "What is so important that you must interrupt everyone?"

"Ah, Lady Aliya Regelis," stated the Line-Captain of the Sons of Solaris, ignoing her questions as the rain continued its symphony although the symphony playing within the ball room had silenced, "I bring news of your father! He is felled, by my blade no doubt. I slew him in single combat, making myself the newest heir to the Regelis throne."

"You slew my father?!" cried out Lady Aliya angrily, "What do you wish from your claim, mad man? You will die where you stand for it, guards!" The guards reacted instantly, silver blades flashing outwards at the man in a perfectly coordinated attack, but the man moved through the attacks perfectly, as if he'd memorized the coordination. As the guards finished, they fell, blood streaking down each blade, realizing too late they'd slain one another in their pursuit of their foe. Alexander had killed them all without drawing his blade... He was truly skilled beyond mesure...

Suddenly, a new warrior's blade flashed out, a wide arc slashing Alexander's right arm violently, tearing through armor and disabling the arm. The weilder was an older man who held a silver blade taken from one of the felled guards. The man swung his blade on the traitor again, but this time Alexander parried perfectly, his left hand holding his blade in a stance of perfection. The older man had no chance and as he fought the off hand's strength, Alexander twisted his blade, letting the older man through and stabbing his blade into the older man's throat, killing him...
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Where the Fallen Lie
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