Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Chapter 1 of my book.

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Chapter 1 of my book. Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1 of my book.   Chapter 1 of my book. EmptyTue Feb 09, 2010 3:55 am

Well, I have been working on a book for some time now, and I think I would like to post the very beginning of it here, just to see what reactions I get. Don't worry, the rest of the book is more lighthearted in most cases. I know there may still be a few awkward sentences and grammar errors, but that is because it is not edited yet. Well, enjoy! And please comment!

....The ship was moving quickly away from the planet, as riots all across the world threatened to destroy their precious cargo. The only thing that threatened them now was the fact their information was wrong about how far away the sector defensive fleet was. They had to move fast, or the fleet would pick up their craft no matter how stealthy they were. Their “investment” had to be protected at all costs...at least that is what she had been told by those whose words are law. Soon, however, she noticed the panel was screaming that the cargo hold had been breached. Fear immediately shot through Thrace, as the noise could only mean one thing: the Experiment was loose, and like the results of the other escaped experiments, there was about to be more than a few killings – only this time, Thrace didn't know if she would survive this encounter, one way or the other. Now, she realized, her only chance of survival, would be to turn herself into the Defense Fleet, but she knew all too well what prisoners of her caliber would be exposed to, and, simply put, she'd rather die than go though that...

...A few minutes prior...
....Experiment 789951 was sitting in a pure white, padded room. There wasn't much in it, just a white toilet, a white long couch, and a white table with four white chairs around it. Brute and Shadow had taken their appropriate seats across from each other around the table. They were silently discussing how now was the perfect time to escape....forever. There was a mirror. Experiment 789951 had actually forgotten there was a mirror in the room, on the wall opposite the white couch. He was in the middle of the room, so he could easily see it from where he was sitting. He peered inside the mirror, and saw his reflection: a small boy, only seven standard Earth years old at most, with shaved black hair, but a hard face that comes with being inside the heads of adults all the time. His silver eyes had the glossy sheen of prying too much into people's minds. His face was gaunt from only having a liquid diet of pure vitamins and minerals, although he knew the taste of many other types of food by gleaning the information out of the doctors who surrounded him. He technically could be labeled a geneticist with all the information he had gained from others. He looked over at Brute and Shadow, and saw they looked just like him, except Brute had red eyes, and Shadow had Black eyes. Then Brute popped beside him.
“Well, Ex, you in? We've got some killin' to do tonight. How many we got in this ship anyway?”
“278 crewmembers, along with the two psychics just beyond the door. They are going to be extremely problematic, as they can defend against us.” Shadow replied, suddenly on the couch.
“Don't worry, Shadow, I got those two; they won't even know what'll hit em!” Brute then had a rope appear from out of nowhere. Rope. You never forget that which you glean from the minds of others. He just sat there, trying to relax, but knowing all too well what Brute was going to do. Tears began to well up in Experiment 789951's silver eyes. He felt Brute laugh with evil intent, as he slipped the rope over Ex's throat. Soon Ex could not breathe, Brute shutting off his trachea as if he was choking. The two psychics immediately typed in the code to open the door, so they could tear into Ex's brain to stop whoever it was from killing Experiment 789951, as this would not be the first instance whoever they were to try to kill Ex, although why they would kill themselves was beyond the understanding of the two psychics. The door pulled back from the rest of the wall, then shot up into the wall above it, leaving a perfectly rectangular hole in the white room. As they burst in, Shadow and Brute sprang their trap. First, Shadow made himself visible, holding his neck like he was choking, becoming Ex. Then Brute took over Ex's body, and ran over to the psychics punching at them. Brute, however, had learned a new trick: as Brute punched the psychics, a burst of....force blew the psychics apart, knocking them back and ripping their bodies into bloody husks. The wall quickly closed down, as the chips that were in the back of the psychics' heads used their last burst of energy to seal the door. Brute, however, could only smile with glee. He had calculated this very carefully, and punched the door right before the door became the wall again. The shock of his punch blew the door off, and alarms began sounding across the entire ship. Both Brute and the Shadow-illusion then both walked through the door, ready to begin the slaughter...

...It was absolute chaos; Thrace had all the view screens on, all controlling the interior cameras, and what she saw almost made her wish she had turned them all into the DF. All security personnel were dispatched to where the kid had broken out, and what she saw was horrible. Once they got there, one of the personnel Shouted, “Open Fire!”, and the whole thing turned bloodier than anything she had ever seen. Everyone began shooting at each other, the signature Human slug weapons tearing living flesh apart. Then she saw the boy, walk through the gunfire without receiving a scratch, ripping people to shreds with single punches, leaving a bloodbath in his wake. Thrace immediately began to seal all doors, but what she saw next made her sigh in defeat. The boy had deliberately left Jordan, the lieutenant of the ship, crippled but alive. She watched in horror as the boy placed his hands on Jordan's head, watched Jordan spas out in a seizure, then crumple to the floor with blood streaming out his ears, eyes, and nose. Then the boy blew off Jordan's arm, picked it up, and used it to open the hand-pad access doors into the crew's quarters. There he blew apart the sleeping members of the crew, in a gory mess that forced Thrace to look away. He proceeded into the bathrooms, and blew apart the showering crew members like they were nothing, all the while resealing the doors he passed with the flick of the dead arm he was carrying. Thrace, seeing the boy was using the lockdown as a way to systematically slaughter everyone on board, opened all the doors in the entire ship, except for the door to the cockpit, where she and two others were hiding. They were all stunned into silence, never having seen a bloodbath in their entire lives, and this one being the worst Thrace had ever seen. Then Thrace proceeded to open all the airlocks.
“Thrace, what are you doing!” cried Anithia, who finally managed to get out of her stunned stupor.
“Saving our lives.” Thrace replied, knowing she was about to do most of the boy's work for him, but hopefully taking him out in the process.
“But you're going to kill everyone on board!”
“The kid was going to do that anyways; I'm just trying to save our lives.” and Thrace gave the ship the order to vent the airlocks, overriding the safety protocols. Soon she watched as all the bodies, living or otherwise, were blown out the airlocks. A few people managed to survive the air venting, then they suffocated. Thrace then checked the ship's computer to see if there were any closed doors other than the one to the cockpit. As she searched, she relaxed seeing the only other closed door was too the Captain's quarters. Then, all of a sudden she got an onboard message from the room. She immediately took the call looking up into the screen, ready to explain why she had just killed off everyone but themselves.
“Captain, I...” She stopped in horror as the person she was talking to was indeed not her captain, but the young boy, staring into the screen with a wicked smile on his face. He moved out of the way, and she could see her captain's body sprawled on his bed, with blood leaking out of every pore in his head. She s aw a frightened, nude female the boy had not bothered to kill yet behind him, huddled in the corner.
“Thrace....I suppose I am your captain now.” He typed something in the computer, and the ship sealed all doors with the captain's code locking her out. She the noticed that a direct path to the cockpit had not been sealed, and all those doors then suddenly opened, including the door to the cockpit. “Well, Thrace, I'll give you a choice: you can either come to me, and I might just let you live, just as a vegetable, or I can go to you, with the same prospects.”
“That's not much of a choice.” Thrace replied, knowing now she had nowhere to go. The other two with her were also crying in the corner, tears flooding out at their impending doom. “All right, I'll come, but only if you let the others live.”
“We will see.” was all he said, then he cut the link. Thrace had no choice but to go to him and beg for their lives. She walked at a dignified pace, and when she saw the boy, he was sitting on the red stained blankets of her captain's bed. The captain was no longer on the bed, although the woman, whom she now recognized as Rosalie, was still bawling in the corner, scared out of her wits.
“All right, what do you want?” Thrace asked him, knowing she probably would not survive this encounter, but hopefully she might be able to save the lives of the rest of the crew.
“Come, sit down beside me.” he said, in an innocent voice a boy of his age ought to have, which only made it worse, as she was expecting a monster, not a....boy. She sat down beside him. “I wish I could let you all live, but that stunt you pulled sucked all the oxygen out of the entire ship, and now there is simply only enough oxygen for me to survive. I am sorry for what Brute and Shadow did. It was too much, but I cannot remain here. I know you wanted to save their lives, but now all I ca promise them is a painless death.” Thrace felt the words sink in: she had just doomed everyone on board. The only way she can now redeem herself is by helping the boy. But she was still puzzled.
“Why do you want me then?”
“I need to know how to fly this ship, and your the best pilot here, so I need your brain to give me the information for flight. It will be painful, and you will not survive.”
“It's all right.” Thrace said, completely undone by this....boy. “What do you need me to do?”
“Just hold still.” Then the boy, Experiment 789951, put his hands on her head, and then she felt his entire mind, scouring her brain for the flight controls. He went through nearly all of it, taking her mind apart like he did with the security guards, just without as much blood. Finally he got to her cerebellum, where her ship controls were natural, and he ripped the information from her mind and copied it onto his own. With the information gotten, Thrace felt her mind just...give up, then her heart stopped, then everything went black.....

....Ex walked up to the woman huddling in the corner, begging for her life. She would be spared, but there just wasn't enough oxygen to go around. So he put his hand on her head, then blew it into the wall, her skull fragments sticking out of it like the bullets were in the corridors. Her dead body, however, stayed in the same place it had been in, her muscles following their last orders to the grave. Ex then left the bloody scene and proceeded to the cockpit. Their he found two others, having committed suicide, one obviously having strangled the other, and the one still alive after that blew his brains out with a pistol, leaving the least bloody mess in the entire ship he had gone. He pushed the bodies into the hallway, then sealed the door. He finished his preparations by venting the only room with oxygen-production left (the captain's chamber had its own oxygen vat as well as circulation system) into the cockpit, where after a few hours became heavy with the smell of dead bodies. He checked the star map and found a backwater planet only two days away, where he could land. He plotted his course, then hoped the ship would make it in time...

....Ex was nearly out of oxygen when the ship finally hit atmosphere. He immediately activated the anti-grav generators to make a controlled descent down to a relatively sparsely populated area o the surface of the planet. Without the techs constantly monitoring the generators, however, they quickly began to fail, causing the hulking mass of ship to crash land not too far from a settlement. Ex was nearly dead by the time he crawled his way out of the wreckage, in pain, but continued movement, trying to survive. But he just did not have the strength, even with Shadow and Brute trying to carry him. The last thing his blurry eyes saw a small girl looking at him intently, with awed thoughts running through her head. He then could go no further and fell into darkness.....
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Chapter 1 of my book.
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