Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble!

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Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble! Empty
PostSubject: Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble!   Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble! EmptyThu Aug 13, 2009 10:46 pm

Vectic: Hey guess what today is! Its freaking Halloween! What a Face

Comit: No its not...its just another day in a town that has Halloween ever...single...day. Neutral

Vectic: Just because its not really Halloween doesn't mean I cant go get some candy. cheers

Comit: Okay but you do know you need a Halloween costume first right...

Vectic: Yeah I know and I know around 8 or 10 people I want to be.

Comit: Uhh don't you think that's too much to wear? Neutral

Vectic: You think that's gonna stop me.

(T.C and Luna walk in)

T.C.: Whats Vectic doing in the closest like that.

Luna: I don't know...Comit? Whats Vectic doing? scratch

Comit: Well one of two things. He could A- Be doing something that's gonna be awesome, or B- something that's gonna like totally stupid. I'm going with A on this one. Wink

T.C./Luna: B. Crying or Very sad

(Vectic walks out dress as a NightmareSauskeBatmanSamusKakashiKyoDanteScorpionSonic with one sharingan and one byakugan eye super costume clash)

Vectic: What do ya think?

Luna: I knew it was B! Evil or Very Mad

T.C.: Please take off that stupid costume! affraid

Comit: Check me out!

(Comit is now in a SolbadguyMegamanXCloudLinkShadowWolverien super costume clash)

Comit: I must say this was a really good idea. cheers

Vectic: Ohhh yeah! cheers

Luna: ....Comit!?! Question

T.C.: @

Vectic: You know the best part about these costumes!?

Comit: We can still fight with them on!!!!

(Comit and Vectic run out of the room and into the streets with they're super cool awesome combo clash costumes on ready to get some candy)

Luna: ...I don't even care anymore.

T.C.: Your really okay with that...? confused

(An image of Comit and Vectic fighting in those clothes pops into Lunas head)

Luna: Ahh your right lets go. pale

!End of sample!

Okay now yes I understand that one! you the reader have no idea what they look like, two! you the reader also has no idea what Comit/Vectic even is and three! you the reader once again has no idea who I am...or maybe you do but if not I shall tell you! I am AKA Comit and I am the creator of the comic currently be drawn by me comic named Comit/Vectic....and that's all you need to know.

Oh yeah I have some pics too well new ones that aren't online yet so if your wanting to know, not saying you do I said if! Then all you have to do is give me your phone number and a sexy picture if your female. lol! JK JK JK But really, just ask and I shall show. And by the way Comit/Vectic is currently on No.2 so ass soon as I can you'll be seeing some of whats in Comit/Vectic No.1...but once again that's IF you want to.

Well that's it...so you can leave now..or stay and look at it again whatever works for you. And remember I'm too hot to handle.

-Comit- Twisted Evil

Oh and yes there are a bunch of typos with the costume names but to tell the truth didnt have the energy to look it all up...kinda like if I made the comic title look like this (CoMIt/VEctIC) and just left it...well bad ass example but anyway I was just lazy, there I said it. Okay now I'm gone.

-Comit-...again scratch
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Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble!   Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble! EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 5:19 am

Yes, I enjoyed this. Yes, I am jealous of your artistic talent, and YES I'd like to see this comic!!!
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Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble! Empty
PostSubject: Okay this is just an old rp story so yeah.   Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble! EmptyWed Aug 19, 2009 3:10 pm

"OK Northern Maine, and I have to kill 4 or more of those things...hope I can get this done quick." I say to myself as I head to the portal to start my mission, not knowing how many I'm really gonna come in contact with.......but as long as I stick to the plan to only kill 4 and get out I shouldn't have a problem.

I once again like always...fall out of the portal landing on my face. "Ahh damn it! I'm not even gonna be able to fight if I can't jump out right!" So I look around for a while and from what I guess to be Northern Maine..it seem like a calm, and quiet place...and it looked like the only way I would find the wendigos was if it attacks (!Sharp high pitch scream!) I guess saying it seemed quiet was a bad idea. I run off towards the scream as fast as I can. After the screaming stops I look around and I'm no longer in town, I'm out in the middle of thw woods. "The screams.....they all stopped..." (!the sound of giant foot steps draw close!) I quickly start to look around for the who ever or what ever is getting closer. "Alright show yourself right now or else I'll burn you out!" All of a sudden from one of the trees a 8 ft. hollow that looks like a yeti jumps out at me roaring away and thrashing about. "OK so your what I'm after huh....the wendigos, to bad for you!" The wendigos not paying any attention to me keeps stomping around and attack every thing, so I take out Eldragoon and take my shoot and rip into the back of it slicing it into destroying 1 out of the 4 I was told to. The only problem the captain also said "or more" which had to mean there was a lot if these things running around here, and any of them could big bigger and stronger too...also they mite have what some people would call a brain.

(RRrraaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!) Another one jumps out of a tree, and one more from behind (my face= o_0!) "Whoa! These two are bigger and move faster then the one I took out already...if they come out like this I mite have a problem." The hollows started to attack the same way as the one before only instead of attacking every thing theyre target was me.
I jump back a few ft. every time they attack going deeper into the wood (Rrraaaaaooooorrrrrr!) The 2 hollows followed and close by too. "Damn it these thing are fast!" I quickly have to stop because of cliff, it was a dead end, and there was no other way around but down. "I guess we fight here then...." Both of the wendigos jump at me roaring and fly at me at high speeds! I grip Eldragoon as they both draw close, timing my attack I quickly slash left, and right slicing them into nothing. "Why do I feel like this is just way too easy...those things are big and fast, and they both looked strong....whats going on!?" Still holding on to Eldragoon I look out into the woods and hear the sound of more of those hollows coming, and from how loud it was it was either really big or there was a lot of them! (RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!) As the sound got closer I could start to make out what it was, and from what I could see it looked like there was around 5 of them, 4 being around 6ft. and 1 that looked like it was about 10 or 11ft. tall, all charging strait towards me! "What the hell....this....is crazy!" I stand there a little freaked out about fighting so many at one time that I start to panic, my eye the change to a crimson red and the ends of my hair do the same. "Bring Hell on Earth, Inferno!" Without even thinking about it I call on Eldragoon, and it burns red ready to fight! But When the arrive I see I was way off in theyre size and numbers! the total number I was up against was 9 all ranging in size from 7 to 13ft. tall. "You gotta be kidding me....." The smaller ones start to attack first, Swinging at me and pushing me closer to the edge cliff, so I start to fight back and hold my ground. "Damn it....those other ones must of been really weak cause I cant get these guy to back up...and the other ones aren't just gonna sit there and watch!" Trying to push them back so I have a little move room to work with I active stage 1 of Eldragoon"Crimson!" As I start to attack the ones attacking me, the others in the back start to pound and slam theyre fist into the ground making shock wave that cause me to almost lose me footing. "If this keeps up me and those hollows are gonna destroy this cliff......" Thinking about what I just said it did seem like the only way to thin them out a little or at best split them up so I can take them only more easily, So I strike the ground with Eldragoon in Crimson, which causes it to completely collapse, leaving me and the hollow falling to the bottom!"Ahhhhhh!" As I fall I see one of the hollow standing on one of the bigger pieces of the cliff with one of the smaller wendigos in its hands. "!!!!What the hell is that attack like a cannon ball!!!!!" It launches the smaller one at me with full force, and it slams right into me sending me off towards the ground like a rocket! (!!!BooooooooM!!!) I slam into the ground after smashing into a few trees on the way down!"Cagh....Ahh..Damn..it!" I spit up some blood as I watch the hollows slam into the ground shortly after, see the rock and boulders crush them. (RRRRRAAAAAAOOOORRRRRR!!!!!) I look up to see that the bigger one of the group was still up and already in front of me! It swings its giant claws at me making contact with my chest and sends me flying into a small stream of cold water. "Ahhhhhhh!" I start to scream in pain as I pull myself out of the water and I see that my left arm is broken, and my chest is bleeding badly. "I gotta...call for help......I cant beat that one...like this!" Still able to use my right arm I pick up Eldragoon and sitting down up against a near by rock wait to use stage 2 of Eldragoon as soon as I catch sight of the hollow.
Know that my Inferno slash wont do much since my blade is wet I plant to use it just to know the hollow a few ft. away so I have time to call for backup. (RRRRRAAAAAOOOORRRRR!!!) out comes the hollow charging at me with its arms in the air! "Here..we go....Inferno Slash!!!!!" I strike the ground just as the hollow is 3ft. away and it is blasted back into the woods from the attack! At that time I call in for help and hope it comes in soon before that or anymore of those things want to come out.

"This...is Comit I'm gonna need some back up....my arms broken....and I'm losing a lot of blood and as far as how many wendigos I've killed...well I lost count..so you think you could help me out.....captain."

Just an old post from the past.
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Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble!   Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble! Empty

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Comit/Vectic : Halloween jumble!
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