Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Personality, Stats, and Description

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Personality, Stats, and Description Empty
PostSubject: Personality, Stats, and Description   Personality, Stats, and Description EmptyThu May 27, 2010 8:49 am

Personality, Stats, and Description Maximu10

Name: Maximus Ariya
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Unseated
Age: Unknown
Zanpakuto: Zaratose, the Three Headed Snake
Shikai: Bring the world to its knees, Zaratose!

Level 1

-Spirit Stats-
Hp 10
Rei 10

-Body Stats-
Str 3
End 2
Agil 3
Rei Con 2

-Fighting Skills Stats-
Sword 4
Kido 1
UA 3
Shunpo 2

Level 2

-Spirit Stats-
Hp 20
Rei 20

-Body Stats-
Str 3
End 3
Agil 4
Rei Con 2

-Fighting Skills Stats-
Sword 4
Kido 2
UA 4
Shunpo 2

Exp: 0/50
Shikai ( ); Bankai / \

Description: Very similar to the picture above with the following differences; He wears typical shinigami clothes with the addition of a black hood which covers his face when he puts it on. His hear is black and spiked and his eyes are blood red. He has strong hansome features that har angular and slick. His eyes seem to be half open giving the look that he is tired. His sealed Zanpakuto is a dual katana set. His main katana which he commonly fights with it alone, is long and thin, its hilt hiding a dagger-like weapon attached by a chain which he tends to keep hidden until its most useful. His second katana is shorter then the first, in all reality, it is a short sword in comparison to the other being a longsword.((I think its called a tanta)) He only uses it when extremely serious.

When he goes into shikai his main katana becomes the chain-and-two scythes as shown above, his second katana, the shorter, turns into a short curved blade the length of his forearm and is usually hidden out of sight.

Personality: Max has a sense of justice and sometimes follows it but he is truly unpredictable. Parts of himself wish for justice while others call for a free spirit and mind to do as he wills. Most time he will follow orders, but on occasions where orders have not been given, such as minor skirmishes, he will do what he feels like, not caring about the effects it may have later.
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Personality, Stats, and Description
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