Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 "The sharpest zanpakuto in all of creation"

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PostSubject: "The sharpest zanpakuto in all of creation"   Thu May 27, 2010 12:12 pm

Shikai: Saihoushi (Tailor), Shitateya (Seamstress), Cut the strings that fasten...
Description: A Kuroi-Raion family heirloom first wielded by the founder of the family thousands of years prior to Yorudan's birth. They were once rumored to be the sharpest plades in existence, however this hasn't been tested because of the length of time that has passed before a wielder could actually release them. It is said that out of fear of splitting the very fabric of reality, the original wielder only drew either blade when they were certain that they could land a killing blow.
The secret to their sharpness is not only in their extremely thin edge, but the ability of each edge to vibrate at a frequency that allows them to split the strongest and most dense objects essentially splitting the very particles that hold an object together. This means that though each blade is sharp to begin with, they can essentially increase their 'sharpness' to meet their wielder's needs.
They are average sized curved swords about the size of an arm. The zanpakuto both have golden hilts and steel gray blades. Large ovular rings are at the base of each hilt and several thick strings with needles fastened to the ends of various lengths hang from each. Upon release his zanpakuto emit a low pitched whistling sound. This is caused by air that brushes against their edges before splitting.

Loosen- The longer or more frequently the edge of either blade remains in contact with an object that it can't initially cut into, the 'sharper' the edge becomes. It increases in sharpness until it can split an object that was originally too difficult to cut, in half. The maximum increase in sharpness is determined by strength + reiatsu control.

Nick- If a pre-existing cut is ever cut again by either Saishoushi or Shitateya even more damage is done to an object than than was first applied by the initial cut. This applies reiatsu control on top of the damage already done even after the blade has finished making contact.

Split- Like spiritual slash but it has more uses. This has the added ability to split objects and masses that aren't necessarily solids. This technique can be used to split forms or energy without necessarily causing them to destabilize. This can also be used to divide clouds of gas and bodies of liquids without even touching them directly. The sudden cut causes the two halves of the mass to be thrust from one another in opposite directions. The power of the technique is determined by reiatsu control + strength.

Level 2
EXP 12/50
Unseated Officer
Age: 42
Shikai:  Saihoushi , Shitateya, Cut the strings that fasten...
hp 20
reiatsu 20
strength 5
agility 7
endurance 0
reiatsu control 0
swordsmanship 12
unarmed 0
kido 0
shunpo 0
"To truly master your blade, your mind must be sharper than the edge of your instrument."
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"The sharpest zanpakuto in all of creation"
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