Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Kuroi-Raion Yorudan

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PostSubject: Kuroi-Raion Yorudan   Thu May 27, 2010 9:30 pm

Biography: A true prodigy to members of his family but a relatively unknown character to those within the Gotei 13. It took him twice as long as any of his peers to complete his training at the academy. This was due to his own disinterest. He graduated the academy knowing no more than he did when he first entered. The knowledge and skills that he does posses were taught to him by both his family and own hardships.

He comes from a large family in the poorest region of Rukongai, an area just outside of South Rukongai 80; known unofficially, to many as district 81. The area is known for its frequent hollow activity. Locals live by one rule when it comes to hollow involvement:"Slay or be slain..."
Those whom can not defend themselves often rely on the Kuroi-Raion family for protection. In fact, Yorudan's family are police of sorts. They are often turned to in order to settle disputes between neighbors, find missing people, and other troublesome or unsettling situations.

It is said by a few, that the Kuroi-Raion family are true nobles whom choose to live among those whom suffer. However ruling noble families do not look at them as such, in fact they look down on them.

Yorudan's enlistment into the Gotei 13 came as a great disappointment to his family. They view him as a traitor who is using the family heirlooms to seek his own salvation while leaving them in the dust. Yorudan however has his own reasons for enlisting, reasons that he believes his late family founders would approve of.

Level 2
EXP 12/50
Unseated Officer
Age: 42
Shikai:  Saihoushi , Shitateya, Cut the strings that fasten...
hp 20
reiatsu 20
strength 5
agility 7
endurance 0
reiatsu control 0
swordsmanship 12
unarmed 0
kido 0
shunpo 0
"To truly master your blade, your mind must be sharper than the edge of your instrument."
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Kuroi-Raion Yorudan
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