Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 The First Meal

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PostSubject: The First Meal   The First Meal EmptySat May 29, 2010 5:00 am

Let me go! He's in pain!

Have you forgotten what he did to us?

He's just a little boy!

He's a murderer! A monster!


Loki screamed again as he re-formed, his body not quiet coming back together right. Still, he could see again, and what he saw was like a replay. His babysitter, Minami, fighting with the boy she had brought with her. Their words were fierce and passionate, and Loki tilted his head to one side in curiosity as he watched on. Neither had noticed him, just as they hadn't that night, when he had snuck down from his room to see what was going on.

Soon, however, he was distracted, just like that night, and, just like then, moved away from them towards the new object of his interest. There was an even bigger fight going on in the next room, and as Loki looked in, he recognized it as the strange room he had been in earlier. His mom still stood in the middle of the room with the bald man, but now there was another person, a man, and he was trying to get to Loki's mom, the aggressive stance reminding him of a fight. There was another man, however, Loki's uncle, who was standing between them, keeping the man from Loki's mom as the man shouted.

"He's a monster!!! That boy's a monster!!! You raised a monster!!!" The man was screaming, tears rolling from his eyes. Then the words echoed behind Loki. "He's a monster! How can you want to comfort him?"

"He's not a monster!" Loki heard Minami and his mom cry as one, and he looked between the two. "He's just a little boy! He was just copying what he saw on TV! I told them/you!! I told them/you not to watch horror movies around him!" It was kind of funny, watching the two scenes play out so identically. But then the scenes split, the man with his mom pushing away his uncle to leap on Loki's mom, while the man with Minami just turned away angrily shouting:

"Fine, go get maimed again for all I care!" Loki looked from one to the other, the panic and motion in the funeral to the quiet test of wills behind him, and decided the panic looked like more fun, so crouching low in his new lupine body, Loki launched himself at Minami, much like the man in the room had, and brought his hands to her throat as the appendages stretched and sharpened, turning from fox paws to man-like razor claws.

Minami screamed, but it was soon cut off by the clamp of his claws as they tore into the soft flesh of her skin. Her eyes went wide, and a spark of recognition flared in them as she gazed up into Loki's absorbent green eyes. "Lo...ki?" She managed to squeak before the blades cut through her vocal cords. Loki looked curiously from her eyes down to the red liquid pouring over his fingers. Blood. Scarlet pooled on raven hair...paintbrush to color the floor red once more.... The images from that night, from when he had brought blood from her veins before, showered him, only last time he had used a butcher knife. The one he had been planning to cut off his own hand with. The one he had cut off his own hand with...but not before....

"NO!!!" Yes! Her boyfriend had jumped him! Just as he did now, pulling him away from Minami and attempting to disarm him, only this time he wasn't armed with a knife, but his own hands. That didn't matter much, though, he was a black belt, and as such was able to throw the bigger man off him, flinging him across the room. The man crashed into the wall, groaned, but got back up again, crying as he charged again. "You monster!!!" He roared, and Loki took a stance, grabbing the man's shoulder and lifting him at the belly, using his own momentum to fling him over. Just like in the matches. But there were differences here too.

Loki's back legs were awkwardly shaped, and though he had somehow managed to gain the balance he once had, his leg didn't brace exactly as they had in his old body, his back not bending right, and he went down too. But that was one of the first things sensei had taught him, how to take a fall, and he tried to employ the technique here, pulling his hands in to tuck into a ball for the roll. The problem, however, was that his new sharper hands had embedded themselves in his opponents stomach, rather than simply pushing against it for the lift, and his other hand had dug into the shoulder where he had gripped it. As a result, he couldn't get free in time and he fell awkwardly, a snap sounding with the thud of the fall.

Loki whimpered, and he tried to detangle himself from his opponent, grimacing through the pain, if that's what his strange new facial features were doing, but the semi-conscious man gripped him, twisting Loki broken arm angrily. "You brat! You monster! Why? Why did you kill Minami? Why me? Why twice? Why are you doing this???" He croaked in a hoarse whisper, and Loki stopped, ignoring the pain as he looked into the man's eyes as they slowly began to fade. "Why....?"

So Loki answered simply, having just a little trouble talking around his new mouth: "You tried to stop me. And the man on the TV, he killed those who tried to stop him from cutting off his hand."

"Wha...?" The man began, but then choked, coughing up blood, and Loki returned to his struggles to release himself. The man didn't try to stop him again. When Loki was free, he surveyed the room. Red. Just like before, the smell of copper stinging his suddenly stronger nostrils. But it wasn't a bad sting, not like before. No, this time it called to him, to something in his new body, and so he decided to follow it. Returning to all-four legs, (though careful of his broken left one), bending down to sniff the exposed innards of his opponent, Loki licked the blood, and felt a surge of power, of hunger.

Before he could think, he was wolfing down the dying man, eating him as his screams slowly began to end and his weak struggles faded. When he was done there, he turned to Minami, the hunger unabated, but when he turned, she was gone. Confused, Loki sniffed the air, but all he could smell was the coppery smell of blood that was slowly dissipating into the air as if evaporating, vanishing as Minami had.
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PostSubject: Re: The First Meal   The First Meal EmptySat May 29, 2010 10:35 am

That was a strange fight. Loki is kind of...ehhh...impressionable huh?

Nicely done. 9 EXP

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The First Meal
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