Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Kin Estigon, boy wonder.

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Kin Estigon, boy wonder. Empty
PostSubject: Kin Estigon, boy wonder.   Kin Estigon, boy wonder. EmptySun May 30, 2010 6:25 am

Kin Estigon’s Bio: There isn’t much to this young Lad, except that his personality is bubbly and full of joy, in battle though his mind will start to wonder and if enraged his fighting style will become very easy to track. So his fighting prowess lies more when he is in a calm condition but even then his over enthusiasm can get the better of him and he will try to do flashy moves of which would seem impossible. He has 2 other friends, Nathan and Pailik, both are very smart fighters, but only one of them has the strength to become a successful seated officer.

Last notes:

Kin speaks like a high school boy and like any high school boy he isn’t oblivious to the opposite sex, but at the same time doesn’t totally know how to deal with them, not that he is nervous or anything, its just when he see’s a woman he doesn’t exactly try to get with them, he wants it to happen naturally, but that never turns out well (really guys does it ever?).

Kin Estigon

unseated, Shinigami


Age: 93

Shikai: Darkness and Light alike, vanish from my sight, Zoghan!

HP 10
Reiastu 10
Agility: 5
Endurance: 2
Rei: 0
Swordsman: 0
unarmed: 7
Shunpo: 3

Shikai ().
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Kin Estigon, boy wonder.
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