Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Shane Crank Squad 11 Captain.

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PostSubject: Shane Crank Squad 11 Captain.   Sun May 30, 2010 4:04 pm

Squad 11: profile Shane Crank.
• Six foot five and fairly dark skin.
• Three ear piercings on each ear and a white tattoo on the left side of his face, he Also has a tough man face like a better looking mike Tyson, minus the lisp.
• Zanpaktou name Flanker, a six foot great sword with jiggered edges: quotation from Crank himself “My sword does not cut, it shaves away your body physically and mental”
• Zanpaktou release state: Unknown.
• Editors notes: He is actually a noble but refuses to express that part of his life with anyone except his lieutenant, and the title ‘lieutenant’ means near enough anyone that is his lieutenant because anyone that is under him (in his mind) is his slave and cannot disobey him under any circumstances, and his other seated members are seen to be to weak and of novice level to be subjected to such history. He is quite up himself.
• Bankai state: has not been seen, but rumours have it that it has the power to wipe away the reiastu usage in a wide range area. (take that in what ever way you will)

Lvl 20

Hp 200
Reiastu 200

Body stats:
Strength: 17
Agility: 12
Reiastu con: 7
Endurance: 22

Swordsman: 22
Unarmed: 22
Shunpo : 12
Kido: 0 (+2 but he's squad 11 he doesn't pay attention to kido)

Kin Estigon

unseated, Shinigami


Age: 93

Shikai: Darkness and Light alike, vanish from my sight, Zoghan!

HP 10
Reiastu 10
Agility: 5
Endurance: 2
Rei: 0
Swordsman: 0
unarmed: 7
Shunpo: 3

Shikai ().
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Shane Crank Squad 11 Captain.
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