Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Dark Figure, Preparing the Reckoning...

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PostSubject: Dark Figure, Preparing the Reckoning...   Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:11 pm

Shadows cast the dark night into a figure of horror as men scurried about as rats in the gutter known as rukongai. Yakuza were easy to spot, marching around terrorizing those who were not quick enough, but as they did their nightly rounds, patrolling the streets for foes and sampling the locals women, wine, and food. Two yakuza in purple of the Soroni Yakuza dashed through the shadowed streets, them as the pray for once.

A dark figure clad in a shadowy cloak and hood gave chase, his movements calm and controlled. Sweat glistened from the shaved head of one of the yakuza members, there were six of them to begin with, but the others were dead, killed in a flurry of dark, kido magic, and precise sword strikes... His younger brother who wore a purple mohawk ran wildly beside him...

The figure chased them mercilessly, and seemed to be enjoying it... But as they surged forward, they noticed he began to slow to a walk, and they laughed, deciding he'd given up. They looked to one another, then back in his direction, and he was gone... Their eyes darted around, searching for him, until they saw why he'd slowed... Dead end... The younger brother, much more fit and agile then the older, quickly began to scale the wall, but as he reached the top, he exploded into a ball of blue fire... The fire danced about him, melting and scorching his skin, his screams filling the air...

His brother, watching in horror, but still being a thug, turned and fled in the opposing direction, his life too important... As he ran, his brother's dying screams echoed the alleyway, his regret building, finally he stopped to turn around, and before he could perform his first selfless act, a sword strike robbed him of his head. A spray of crimson covered the yakuza, but his attacker was already gone. It was time the cops of Seireitei received a message, and it was time Max learned that a reckoning was coming... The one thing that would puzzle the finders of this carnage was this, what happened to the last killed's head?

That, the dark figure thought, would be answered soon enough...
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Figure, Preparing the Reckoning...   Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:35 pm

Great teaser...wish there was a clearer picture though. It was definitely short enough to where you could have thrown some more imagery in there without people getting bored with length.
You don't have to go cray with imagery in every post you make, but for something like this where none of the figures are actually known...it's a good idea.
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Dark Figure, Preparing the Reckoning...
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