Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 The Tale of Loki

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The Tale of Loki Empty
PostSubject: The Tale of Loki   The Tale of Loki EmptyFri Jun 04, 2010 12:34 pm

This is where I'll write a summary of what Loki's done so far for those of you who don't read quite so much:

Background: Loki must have been born autistic or something because he's always just copied those around him, for better or for worse. Cause of this, his mom always protected him from the evil of the world limiting his access the site of carnage. To make that easier she put him through obedience training: Martial Arts, and by ten he was the Junior Division National Champion (obviously this takes place in Japan) with a black belt.

Arc One: Becoming Hollow (2 Omakes and a Battlefield)

When he was ten, however, Loki's babysitter, Minami, makes a fatal mistake. She invites her boyfriend over and after they go to bed, her boyfriend tries to talk her into watching horror movies for the rest of the evening. While they're fighting over whether or not it will cost her the job, Loki sneaks back down stairs to check out the drama...and sees a man cut his way out of handcuffs while fighting off zombies. So, Loki tries it out, and when Minami and her boyfriend try to stop him, he ends up killing them. (Most of this isn't revealed until the second Omake, but there are hints in the first). Then Loki successfully cuts off his hand and dies of blood loss.

So begins Omake 1: Loki's Last Images (Click the name to link to it.)

From there, he reawakens at his own funeral (buddist/shinto one), and learns his become a spirit....and there is chain coming out of the hand he cut off. Knowing its not supposed to be there, he tries to remove it, and in the process hollowifcates himself.

Then begins Omake 2: The First Meal (Again, click the title to link.)

In this one, he reforms as a hollow in a side room, where Minami and her boyfriend are again fighting, this time over whether Minami should rush to Loki side when he was in pain from the hollowification process or not, since he DID kill them. Minami is willing to forgive him, but her boyfriend isn't. They don't notice Loki's reformation in the corner of the room....really dense people. Anyways, so in the next room Minami's Dad interrupts the funneral, attacking Loki's mom, blaming her since her child was the "monster" that caused the whole incident. Loki notices the fury of activity and copies the cause....attacking Minami and slicing her vocal cords. Then her boyfriend attacks, Loki to get him off Minami, but as a black belt, Loki manages to fight him off, and even brings him to death's door (though he breaks his arm in the process). Then, as Loki is watching the guy die, he smells the blood and it makes him....hungry, and he ends up eating the guy before the guy end draws his last breath.

Enter the Shinigami: (Battlefield: Maximus Ariya vs Loki Kasawa, The Unforgotten Meeting) Maximus Ariya steps in and soul-buries Minami before she dies and fades away or Loki can eat her, and then attacks Loki. The two of them fight (read the battle field if you want to know what happens) and then Loki nearly dies because he's not used to fighting unarmed vs. sword, just unarmed vs. unarmed. The only reason he survives is because he activates his ability to turn into a mist made up of solely blood, and Maximus thinks he killed him. He reports that he did too, and then leaves while Loki heads off in a different direction.

And that is how Loki became a hollow. Wasn't that horrific?
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The Tale of Loki
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