Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Bloodbath Reunion 1

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PostSubject: Bloodbath Reunion 1   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:00 pm

The darkened landscape, eerily quiet as the mist began to roll in, a single lamppost flickering defiantly against the shadows, would have been the perfect setting for the horror that unfolded that day. Yes, THAT day, the day of such sorrow that would change the lives of so many in the town forever. But it wasn't a day of muted colors and shivers in the night as one would have thought. No, it was a day of rainbows and happiness, laughter ringing out in the crowds. Kids ran through the park, playing as the pink leaves of the sakura trees rained down on them. Teenagers and adults milled about with family and friends, casually making their way between stalls of items random and vast in type and image. It was picturesque. It was pretty. It was paradise.

It was about to be destroyed.

Loki Kasawa stood at the edge of the scene, watching it all with his tongue hanging out his lupine mouth, eyes darting from person to person, following familiar ones here and there. It had always been his favorite festival with all the color and noise. So much to see. So much to do. It drew him in like a feast of his favorite food...which it was, since all he'd been eating lately were humans. See-through ones with chains spouting from them, albeit, but still, they all looked just like the juicy humans that danced in front of him now, like a temptation, begging him to take part. Just, he hadn't yet managed to be able to touch someone without a chain yet, and so all the food before him was untouchable, unreachable in a way that often frustrated him.

But not today. Today he didn't care so much, cause it was the festival he loved so much, and that alone made him happy.

And it got better.

As he sat there he caught sight of Sensei, his karate master whose dojo was a part of the local shinto shrine. His face was stern, with no hint of a smile, but the relaxed flow of his body and the lack of wrinkles around his eyes showed that he was enjoying himself as much as Loki. That made Loki smile in the strange way his new facial muscles did. Sensei was most probably Loki's second favorite person in the whole world, besides his mother, and right above Minami on his list, and so he couldn't help it. With a happy yip he surged through the crowd and skidded to a halt just before the man, still yipping. Other than a slight tensing in his shoulders however, Sensei didn't even seem to notice him, but kept walking as if Loki wasn't even there. Annoyed, Loki called out his name, but there was still no response.

Finally, Loki ran right up to the man and pounced on him, forgetting entirely that since Sensei didn't have a chain, he most likely couldn't touch him. Somehow, though, he did, and he landed on Sensei's back knocking him over, and out of the way of a gigantic bee that swooped down from above and tried to bite Sensei's head off.

Startled by not only the sudden appearance of the bee, but also Sensei's fierce glare, Loki jumped back. Looking from one to the other as the two others mimicked the movements. The first to recover was the bee, who hissed at Loki rather more like a snake than a bee and swooped down again to attack Sensei. This put Sensei as the second person to recover, and he ripped a paper charm from his kimono sleeve and held it up, chanting a shinto prayer as he did so. A bright light lit up the area where the bee rammed into the paper charm and flung the creature backwards. The paper in Sensei's hand dissolved, and he quickly reached in his sleeve to pull out another one. The bee didn't attack again, though. Instead, once it caught itself in the air, it reared back and let out a massive roar akin to only one thing Loki had ever heard before: a Skull Greymon.

Loki blinked, surprised at the sound, but then found himself looking at the bee closer. It certainly LOOKED a lot like Skull Greymon. Not in the dinosaur sense, but with the bones and regular Greymon's mask. It's wings were even simply two sharp sticks of bone with a clear yellowish film stuck between them. And there was a whole in the middle of its body that let Loki see straight through to the clouds on the other side. Loki's head tilted to one side as he looked through it...and saw the biggest bird...ever....

"Birdramon," Loki barked happily. Birdramon would defeat the crazed Skull Greymon and save Sensei. After all, Birdramon was always a good guy....only he wasn't. Instead of attacking the bee-like Skull Greymon, he swooped down, gobbling up a couple that had stopped to stare at Sensei when he had deflected the bee earlier. Blood splashed over the grass as the Digimon took all but the pair's feet. Then it threw them in the air, causing the screaming duet to cartwheel in the air before they were swallowed whole.

That was when someone else screamed, and Loki looked over to see the bee begin to attack again, this time a kid a little younger than Loki, who ran away as fast as he could towards his confused mother, who clutched him to her just as the bee's stinger speared through her face and out the back of her skull. In utter shock and terror, the kid began to wail, and someone else screamed at the terror of the sight, but that was not what caught Loki's attention. No, what caught his attention amidst the ensuing chaos and blood bath as Birdramon began its rampage was how the woman came out of her body.

She just fell out as her body hit the ground, a chain about her neck jingling as she did so. She didn't look as bad as her body, no huge bleeding hole, but she was motionless and her eyes were still open in confusion. Loki only caught a glimpse of this, however, as the bee pounced on the chain-version of the woman, picking her up and stuffing her whole in its mouth, chomping and swallowing only when necessary. It was over in seconds, and Loki barely had time to comprehend the whole thing, but one thing was certain: The delicious chain people came out of human bodies....

Suddenly Loki's green eyes turned to the person nearest to him: Sensei. Was there a chain Sensei inside of the regular Sensei? Loki wondered what that would taste like....

Sensei must have seen something in Loki's eyes, because suddenly he put on his fierce, commanding face and snapped, "Loki! This is not the time! There are two opponents before you! Do not become distracted!" The commanding voice in which he said them washed over Loki, making him obey out of habit, and he looked about him curiously. Sensei growled in frustration at the movement and snapped again, "The bee, Loki! You must beat the bee!"

Loki turned towards the direction Sensei pointed with the words, and sprinted off. The bee hadn't gone too far, and he was still within sight range of Sensei, crouched over someone who had charged in to save the little boy, devouring the person's chain-version before the kid's wide tearful eyes. Then the kid caught sight of Loki and a trembling smile blossomed on his face. Loki smiled his weird smile back as he caught a faint coppery scent, and howled with excitement.

Then he leapt.

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PostSubject: Re: Bloodbath Reunion 1   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:29 pm

Okay, done....
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PostSubject: Re: Bloodbath Reunion 1   Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:33 pm

great omake, the only fault i could find was one i cannot deduct points for, digimon...

so all in all 10xp

Name: Dieter Webb
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Rank: Hollow
Age: 42

-spirit stats-
Hp 10
reiatsu 10

-Body stats-
strength 0
endurance 2
agility 5
reiatsu control 5

-fighting skills stats-
swordsmanship 0
cero 7
unarmed 0
shunpo 5


earned techniques
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PostSubject: Re: Bloodbath Reunion 1   Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:21 pm

Hey, when I was a kid there were two shows that were hot: Digimon and Pokemon, and personally, the digimon look cooler! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Bloodbath Reunion 1   

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Bloodbath Reunion 1
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