Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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Name: Kageshi
Race: Hollow
Rank: Adjuchas

Physical Description: Kageshi is like a huge black werewolf, but he's really skinny. He stands on two legs, slouched most of the time because his shoulders are disproportionate to his body, wide and thick, like a mantle more than his own body. This is a good analogy, too, because he has a mane of thick hair that fluffs out at his throat and extends down his back like a cape. Above that his head is all wolf, except that all the wolf parts are his mask. If one were to crack his mask, one would see a human face, and so his mask extends off a human oval area. His hands are like human fingers, except at the ends are longs razor sharp claws. His tail is the only part of his body other than his head that isn't covered in black fur, and that's because its covered in black scales that glitter slightly under the right light. To keep this from happening, Kageshi usually keeps his tail hidden under his "cape". The tail is shaped like a dragons in that it ends in a large spiked tip and is really long, make it possible for it to snake out and stab someone with a quick shot.

Level 5

-Spirit Stats-
Hp 50
Reiatsu 50

-Body Stats-
Strength 6 (+3)
Endurance 4 (+3)
Agility 6 (+3)
Rei Con 3 (+3)

-Fighting Skill Stats-
Swordsmanship 0 (+3)
Unarmed 8 (+3)
Cero 4 (+3)
Sonido 6 (+3)


Spirit Wolf: The ability to faze through anything spiritual or non as long as it was not targeted at him. This means he can't dodge attacks with it, but he can go through the walls of any building in soul society, hueco mundo, or the human world with no problem, so throwing him into things does help do damage on him.

Alpha Howl: A supersonic howl that strikes your brain like a knife, leaving your perception of everything (including time) paused for 6 seconds. Every time he uses this on someone within twenty-four hours lessens the impact by 2 second because their brains learn to brace for it. However, after twenty-four hours the conditioning of the brain fails, and it starts back over at 1.
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