Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers)

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Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers)   Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers) EmptyWed Jun 09, 2010 4:27 pm

every week i look over various forums, and all i see are complaints. i have occasionally tried to defend TK but even i seem to lose hope, then it hit me.

What do people, as in everyone, seem to love to do?

Complain, and what has TK given people, a manga that people can complain about and feel justified in their complaints.

but he did this is a great way, he could have had it lameish from the start, but then people would see the plan and give in, no.

Tk was smart, he made an awesome couple of first arcs, then hit us with new brilliant concepts, only to tear it all away.

vasto lords more than captains, adjucha about captain/lieutenant level. so arrancar versions must be awesome? no, lets completely make them worthless, and the few who do have awesome potential, lets have some loser like rukia own them. (i would have loved to see #9 walk about, eating the remains of beaten espada and taking their powers)

but to counter balance their epic worthlessness, he made the vizard, yet another, lets make ichigo stronger device (which could have been done in like 15 chapters of him doing some cooler training with kisuke, and made a bit more sense) who suck at everything else.

i mean, was i alone, when the first arrancar shown seemed to force the captains to their limits, (yes at 1/5 power, but as renji said, if he had been at full strength at the start, he may not have won.) and grimmjow, numero sexta, owned ichigo like he was nothing, even owned ichigo with one arm, pre mask. the initial arrancar seemed to be so far above captain level, but since masked ichigo could take grimmjow, presumably the vizard were meant to equal the espada? which would have been cool, to see how utterly hopeless it was for ss, and not have to make aizen god but make him have a godly army.

and the fact ss is full of shinigami, (about 3000) yet only lieutenants and higher seem worth anything anymore, and even then, only fan favourite Lts are doing anything.

all this gives people stuff to complain about, which they absolutely love, and TK throws in the occasional awesome moment, such as tousen being killed by hisagi, showing power isn't everything, if you get complacent, and overwhelmed by it, (in this case overwhelmed by a new sense so leaving his old one) i personally loved it, although it causes so much anger in some forums.

TK is a genius, he has got it to a state, that no matter what happens, even if it's great, people will hate it, he knows people, and he knows people love to complain, about anything and everything as long as we don't look foolish for doing so.

TK is a genius.

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Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers)   Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers) EmptyWed Jun 09, 2010 6:11 pm

AWESOME essay! Kudos from Nit. I've never read anything so well thought out in such a deep and completely written in an understandable way. Congratulations, and I wonder if he really thought it out like this. Lol. The question of stupidity or genius in ever way.
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Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers)   Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers) EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 12:49 pm

Eve...I don't know man. I'm thinking you've just lost your mind. It's kind of like...ehhh

Well...you know how an artist could literally just throw blobs of paint on a canvas and then someone will see it and look into it and search for deeper meaning even though there is nothing there but just blobs of paint? You know those paintings that could sell for big bucks even though they are identical to the paintings that 3 year olds make without putting any effort into it at daycare centers just because they want to give their parents something to hang on their fridge? I think you're being one of those art critics that sees deeper meaning when there really isn't any.

But hey...you might just be on to something, and I, like TK seems to be doing, could just be pulling all of this out of my ass afro

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Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers)   Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers) Empty

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Tite Kubo is a genius (spoilers)
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