Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Syn: humanities misdoings.

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Syn: humanities misdoings. Empty
PostSubject: Syn: humanities misdoings.   Syn: humanities misdoings. EmptySat Apr 16, 2011 2:20 pm

Syn; Humanities Misdoings
“The heroes of this world will soon die…” A mysterious voice hissed from within an abyss of pure darkness.
Four Iron walls separated a young dark skinned boy and the outside world. The walls glistened with condensation, and smeared with dark blood that started to grow old and stale. The child’s hair was loosened and had swallowed his face whole in a mess of wild, fiery mane. He suddenly opened his mouth wide and inhaled a great amount of hair; exhaled, then inhaled again, all in a continuous rhythm. With the increase in water vapour caused by the young boy’s heavy breathing, the iron walls gathered even more condensation and quickly began to run with droplets of water.
“The cowards of this world will feed on the story of the dead heroes, like a vulture to a mighty lion’s corpse…” Another hiss emerged from the dark nothingness that was inside the four iron walls.
The boy seemed oblivious to the snake like words of the mysterious voice. He stopped his continuous heavy breathing and held his chin to his chest, looking at the floor with lifeless eyes.
“Ok Shizukai, The walls are more or less drenched,” The long haired child said as his arms began to throb. “I’m ready!”
The walls started to resonate with a high pitched humming noise and flashes of light that followed soon afterwards. The walls all lit up with a sky blue tinge; a deadly yet beautiful view. The lights flashed more intensely in certain places, like the corners of the four walls, and specific parts of the ceiling. It was like a lightning storm was hanging over the young man’s head.
“Apply the metal clone, dad.” The storm of lightning intensified above the boys head.
“Whoa, whoa, Syn, you sure you want to face my training methods?” A deep yet warm muffled voiced resonated along the iron walls. “You barely survived Shizukai’s clones and your sister is no amateur at taijutsu.”
The young, exhausted boy Syn replied in an enthusiastic tone. “The walls are ‘barely’ stained with blood, once these walls are red with blood is when I start slowing down, thank you very much.”
Syn’s father only gave a small snicker in response to his son’s excitement. His father’s voice disappeared into a series of inaudible muttering, allowing silence to once again engulf the iron prison; only the humming noises and the echoes of Syn’s soft breathing accompanied the boy. Suddenly, the walls started to violently vibrate, and seemed to melt into a liquidated, mushy texture compared to the original cold hard iron. The mushy substance slowly and carefully started to form a crude outline of a generically healthy human being, and then came crude outlines of facial features. Soon enough, limbs started to become more established and an older, metallic version of Syn stood before the young white haired shinobi.
They both stared each other down, both waiting in anticipation for the other to make a move. Eyes twitched; fists began to clench as they were swaying at the sides of both of the fighters. Neither of them had entered a martial arts stance yet, they just presumed a relaxed state and continued to stare each other down. The metal man opened his mouth to speak, but retracted again after he began to look deeper into Syn’s eyes and the silver flame that burned within them. He finally raised his fists with his left hand leading and his right hand strapped closely to his chin, resembling a stance close to that of a boxer’s.
“Boxing?” Syn asked, “Why the hell are you going in a boxing stance? It’s hardly useful against other martial arts such as my Muay Thai!”
But the shimmering man simply began to sway back and forth with a calm, relaxed rhythm. It further infuriated the now anxious Syn.
“Why am I getting scared?” he whispered to himself. “He’s just in a boxer’s stance, his whole lower region is open but why can’t I just…just go right in?”
The metal clone’s swaying alternated from the left and right at a much faster rate. His feet started to slowly inch forward toward his opponent, making a few grunts each time he finished one full sway.
“FUCK!” Syn blew up.
The young boy immediately bent his legs and ducked down, lowering his body almost to hit the ground beneath him. Accelerating with great force on his back leg he sprinted in such a position like a strong breeze, causing a whipping sound to emerge from the cold iron walls that trapped him and his opponent together. The metal man stopped proceeding forward and stood with his legs completely motionless, however, his upper body was still swaying left and right just the same. Syn arrived in the clone’s eighty-four centimetre punching range in a split second after he propelled off his back leg, but the metal boxer had already anticipated his next move. Suddenly, a quick jab sprung from the clones shimmering leading hand and landed successfully into Syn’s right shoulder, startling him. The boy’s eyes widened in fear as his body shook slightly from the shock and speed of the attack. But determined to keep his balance in check, he shifted his weight to his right leg, tightened his shoulder and lunged it further into his opponents shinning legs. His eyes quickly changed from a look of fear to a look of desperation while they targeted his father’s clone’s lower section, burning with excitement and adrenaline.
After taking that sharp punch he was deep inside the clone’s range. He took the risk. Raising his right arm, he swung it with all his weight at the clone’s knee, clipping it with success. The glittering metal tower simply continued swaying without any delay or disturbance of any manner.
Syn immediately retracted his fist and hopped back away from the clone, again his eyes filled were filled with fear and astonishment.
“What happened to your Muay Thai, Syn?” His father’s voice muttered softly.
“It died with his courage, right? Kryjacku…”The hisses replied.

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Syn: humanities misdoings.
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