Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 the first draft chapter of deathmark.

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the first draft chapter of deathmark. Empty
PostSubject: the first draft chapter of deathmark.   the first draft chapter of deathmark. EmptyTue Aug 25, 2009 4:17 pm

This people, is the real deal, the first chapter of death mark love and hate. Copyrighted 2009 ©️ all rights reserved for me Lance Thompson-Morrison the author of this post.

Deathmark: love and hate.

“Your control over the human and drisonian countries are over, telsien.” A man at the height of 7 ft, bellowed into the misty fog of kreston, the city of wealth and prosperity of drisonians. It was paved with concrete roads, and the pavement made of a rare metal found only in the drisonian nations. It was called bio Mineral X. The man was dressed in a colourful uniform his jacket white and his trousers red. The jacket was lined with golden seams, and the trousers glowed with a soft mellow orange. On the front of the jacket the initials S.E were imprinted on it, and on the back, a circle split in two, One Red and the other black. “And who will stop me, keni’tenshai?” There was a man in the mist that bellowed back also, as assumed his name was telsien and the man in white and red was keni’tenshai. “I will stop you myself telsien…the races of this world depends merely on your death.” Keni’tenshai along with his stylish colourful robes had a sheath strapped to his waist, slanted to his left so he could access it faster and easier. It also was lined with golden rims but the filling of the sheath was pure black, the material was leather, which was the cheapest material in kreston at the time. “And they sent a man with white crystal hair and a spirit force capacity of so little? Simply a pretty boy,” Telsien chuckled under the thick dark grey mist that hid him in the depths of the city.

Keni’tenshai tossed his white silky hair out of his eyes making it land softly on his back. His right hand slowly crossed over to his left side, making his palm land gently on the black and purple hilt of his blade. “You think to use such a weapon on me? Pshh you’re not a smart one are you?” Telsien said, still hidden by the thick dark mist. His voice echoed in the hollowed city of kreston. Keni’tenshai’s movements became scarce as his body lost all movement all together. His eye lids closed slowly. It seemed he was concentrating greatly on his blade, and or trying to pin point Telsien’s co-ordinates. “You’re trying to use the support shikren arte tenkai? It’s useless my spirit force is undetectable in this mist. You take me for a fool keni’tenshai…” Telsien’s voice echoed. It seemed as though his voice became more distant as the time went by. This of course caught Keni’tenshai’s attention. “If you say your spirit force is non-detectable then why are you moving so restlessly around the battle field, it makes no sense…” keni’tenshai said. He gave off a mischievous looking smirk. His blades hilt turned from a dark purple and black, to a bright green and white. His shining white jacket turned black, and his trousers turned purple. “Your marked telsien…submit now or be forever lost in eternal darkness…” Keni’tenshai opened his eyes and they glowed with a bright mighty crimson stare as he looked upon the mist with untamed eyes. “Keni’tenshai…don’t you dare underestimate someone so much more experienced than you…” Telsien chuckled. His voice was at a stable level now, so it was assumed he had stopped moving. Keni’tenshai’s smirk turned into a serious stare.

He grasped his blade’s hilt with his right hand firmly and stood up straight as well. The ground beneath him cracked little by little every second that passed, his spirit force was monstrous at this moment. “That’s some spirit force you’ve got there keni’tenshai, I assume you can sense my whereabouts now…” Telsien sighed. Keni’tenshai raised his blade out of his sheath, unsheathing it from his strap revealing a fourteen inch sword in length and one inch in width with a bright white blade. He raised it higher and higher until it was directly in front of him, pointing toward the mist. “Telsien…this is your last chance, stand down now…”

Sounds of chuckling were heard from within the mist, as Keni’tenshai’s patience grew short telsien’s confidence grew. “Answer…telsien,” yet he still gave no reply. More laughter was heard and keni’tenshai was at breaking point at this stage. “…I will not stand down…shikren…I Telsien resign from the shikren community; thy death shall be reward enough…” Telsien muttered. “The shikren challenge method…fine.” Keni’tenshai raised his left hand also toward his blade, and grasped it firmly as he did with his right hand. “The art of kendo, a human made skill; used by shikrens and so it is enhanced greatly.” Keni’tenshai whispered. The air around him swirled and twirled rapidly making a great gust of wind; this alone though was not enough to disperse the mist around telsien, knowing this he raised his blade high grasping it with both hands, and then he set his eyes upon the mist. “Teninshi...” Keni’tenshai whispered with a mighty grunt. His blade and the space around him in a 2 metre radius appeared with a strange blue transparent aura around it. Small pieces of rock and dirt started to float slowly above the ground. He made no sound. He was in a deep trance of concentration so his eyes were now closed and his body still and lifeless. “Your spirit force has increased a lot so quickly…What have you become now keni’tenshai?” Telsien’s voice grew weary and ill. “I…have turned from your student, to your murderer…now meet your fate.” Keni’tenshai muttered softly. His eyes opened suddenly, and strangely enough his eyes were still a bright untamed crimson. “Beast of anger and poverty, god of baihu and evil, raise your head, and let the souls of your ancestors strike the weak and lame! I call upon you white tiger, shinki!” His blade immediately stopped glowing, and instead his body pulsated with a fierce heart beat, that of a merciless animal, the white tiger. “Your last name… is shinki…so you are apart of the royal family…” Telsien softly muttered as the mist around him slowly dispersed. “Yes the shinki family, we are all said to be destined to use the merciless power of the white tiger to restore order in the world, today I shall prove this prophecy right.”

His hair slowly turned from a silky white, to a black rough mane and along with that his torso grew obscene amounts of hair with white and black strips. He had intertwined with his spirit animal, the white tiger shinki. “Keni’tenshai shinki, royal descendant of the shinki family…!” He bellowed with a mighty roar, as he lowered his blade to his right side once again. “Telsien korocky, ex shikren elite now holding the position of drisonian general…” the wind of the hollowed city of kreston howled fiercely. Silence fell on the battle field as telsien watched keni’tenshai with lifeless eyes from the thick mist that hid him from sight, and keni’tenshai stared at the mist with untamed eyes, a truly fearful animal he has now become. “keni’tenshai…” telsien softly whispered. Seconds after those words were released from his mouth he dashed through the mist toward keni’tenshai at a blinding speed with his palm extended out toward him also. “You traitor…” he again whispered as he continued with his attack. “Telsien…!” Keni’tenshai shouted as he grasped his long sword’s hilt with both hands and once again raised it to the heavens. He slashed his sword downwards toward telsien’s arm once he was in range, telsien in response dug his left foot into the ground and propelled from it causing him to side step to the right, evading the attack just barely. Because he had to put so much force into his left foot he was then two and a half metres away from keni’tenshai kneeling down onto the cold pavement. He emerged from his position on the ground and revealed his bright silver eyes to keni’tenshai, along with his chainmail chest plate and his iron leggings, which was before hidden by his long brown leather cape still strapped to his neck. His face was lifeless and dull, not a smile, or any sign of life was seen from his face.

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the first draft chapter of deathmark.
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