Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 Techniques for shinigami

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PostSubject: Techniques for shinigami   Fri May 21, 2010 2:04 am

here we list all the special techniques you can earn. their are stat requirements for most of them.
a note on the stat requirments, they are going by your base stats, so not your earned stats for certain ranks. so fully captain, getting 15 in everything, won't neccessarily be able to use shunko, unless all relevant stats are built to 10 as a base.
the extra stats for rank are just to improve chances to hit and damage, they will not earn you techniques.

your kido stat determines how much kido you know. for every point in kido you get any one spell. so yes a lv1 can get black coffin, but they probably wont be able to use it. also, earned stats due to ranks, do not give extra kido spells, they just make it easier to hit with kido. so a captain won't get 15 kido spells for free.

to hit with kido you use your kido stat for chance to hit, vs their agility.
for damage you use your reiatsu control vs their endurance

the level of the spell effects the strength and reiatsu cost. multiply the level by your reiatsu control for total strength.
multiply the level by 5 for reiatsu cost. (lv1 kido spells are free)

binding kido is different. the opponent uses their strength and reiatsu control to try and break it, and each subsequent post it gets easier.
so lets say a binding spell of total strength 25, hits a person with strength 10 and reiatsu control 5 (15 in total)
they take 15 from the strength of the binding in their first post in the spar, then in their second post they take another 15 off , reducing it to -5, and thus breaking free of the binding.

non chanted spells are at half strength

spiritual slash
cutting the air with your very spiritual pressure, like zaraki often does, or when he cut that building in half
earned at strength 10 and reiatsu control 10
half of your strength+reiatsu control, for damage, uses swordmasnhip skill as chance to hit, but can be blocked as if it were a sword slash, and the spiritual pressure of the attack can be felt as the person swings, so it's like seeing a sword swinging down to you.

the user causes energy to surge through their body, which exlodes out and covers their body in a dense energy blanket, enhancing strength speed and endruance. any clothing on their back and arms is blown away.
earned at, agility/shunpo/unarmed/kido/reiatsu control of 12, each
adds your reiatsu control stat to, strength, agility, endurance,unarmed,kido uses 10 reiatsu a post
also gives you a powerful energy blast, that uses your kido stat to hit, and 3x your reiatsu control for damage, which costs 20 reiatsu to use

earned at shunpo 20
a shunpo with a twist which pierces the opponents soul sleep and soul chain, removing all their powers, permanently. you must have 15 more shunpo than your opponent, and obviously be able to hit your opponent

after image
the ability to move so fast it seems like there are loads of you, this causes great confusion for thee enemy as they don't know which is the real one. earned at shunpo 25, can create 1 image for every 2 points of shunpo you have, but your enemy can see through them based on their own shunpo skills, so they can see through one clone for every 2 points of shunpo
so if you have shunpo 26, and they have sonido/shunpo 18, you can create 4 after images for them

reiatsu masking/sensing
the ability to sense reiatsu is governed by your own reiatsu control, as is the ability to hide your reiatsu. if someone is trying to hide their reiatsu, you must have 5 more points in reiatsu control to sense them.
if they are not trying to hide their reiatsu, you can always sense them, unless your reiatsu control is 20 lower than them, in which case your senses are incredibly inept.

Medical kido
this comes in several levels, and once you earn it, you must buy each level as if it were a kido spell. so for lv 1, earned at kido 5, you can have 4 hado spells, and 1 medical spell. medical kido is free to use.

lv0, earned at kido 1. able to diagnose the injuries

lv1. the ability to heal large, exterior wounds, and dim pain, will take at least quarter of an hour an hour. earned at kido 5.

lv2. the ability to fix bones, both broken, and fractures. will take a quarter of an hour. earned at kido 10

lv3 the ability to heal internal injuries, and grievous wounds, will take a quarter of an hour. earned at kido 15.

lv4. the ability to rejoin lost limbs, and even rejoin people cut in half, assuming they survived being cut in half. earned at kido 25. will take a quarter of a hour.

Name: Dieter Webb
Race: Hollow
Rank: Hollow
Age: 42

-spirit stats-
Hp 10
reiatsu 10

-Body stats-
strength 0
endurance 2
agility 5
reiatsu control 5

-fighting skills stats-
swordsmanship 0
cero 7
unarmed 0
shunpo 5


earned techniques
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Techniques for shinigami
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