Yo this is the Black era of bleach enjoy.
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 My Hollowfication (Part 3)

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PostSubject: My Hollowfication (Part 3)   Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:38 pm

I failed. I failed. The one thing I devoted my life to, the one thing I prided myself on...I failed at.

I lay there motionless on the ground, my slowly beating heart getting slower and slower, each beat weaker and weaker. My consciousness was fading and all I could think about was the emperors impending doom. How he was defenceless in his old age, having to leave his protection to others, having to rely on someone else to save your life. The trust he had given me, the faith he had in me...I wasn’t worthy.

No! I can’t let it end like this! I will protect him, I will show the world his trust was not mislaid! I tried to stand, my body refusing to do more than twitch. My efforts were fruitless and gradually I slipped into nothingness. Suddenly I began to feel the sensation of falling, there was no wind in my hair or force acting upon me, but I was sure I was falling. I opened my eyes with all my effort, worried I would see myself plummeting into hell for all the lives I had taken in the name of the emperor.

The dark blur finally came into focus and I was in neither heaven or hell. It was night and the same crimson moon was in the sky. I looked down to see my lifeless body lay peacefully in the pool of blood beside the assassins. I’m a spirit? My body didn’t feel much different now the falling sensation had faded. I quickly drew my sword and plunged it into the floor, hoping beyond hope I could still effect the physical world.

The resistance of the oak floor met my blade and instantly I knew I had been given a chance to fulfil my duty. I grabbed my blade from its deep cut into the oak and ran up the stairs to the emperors chamber, praying i wasn’t too late.

I arrived in the emperors throne room to find him exhaustedly holding up his katana, while his opponent smiled, taunting the old man. In his prime the emperor was a force to be reckoned with since he received the finest training and the best equipment, but now his endurance was a fraction of what it used to be. I couldn’t let him battle for another second.

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, my katana held firm in both hands. I saw the assassin raise his katana and take an offensive stance. This was it, the moment my existence had boiled down to. A lifetime of training and service all for this moment. I leaped towards my target, gripping my katana as tightly as I could. Cant he see me? The assassins movements remains focused on the emperor as I reached striking distance, his blade nearing the emperors chest. I focused and sliced diagonally down towards my target.

Blood spewed onto the floor as the assassins torso fell onto the ground, his legs still stood firm place. Did I make it? I knew the assassin had fell but it would have been meaningless if the emperor had been struck first. I turned to see the emperor stood there in pure shock. His lower body drenched in the blood of the fallen assassin. A small trickle of blood running down from his chest where the assassins blade had nipped him. Thank god, nothing serious. I looked down at the torso of the assassin and signed What’s this? I said as I just noticed a chain dangling aimlessly from my chest. I grabbed it and pulled. The pain shot all through my entire body like a bolt of lightning from the heavens, instantly making me let go. It’s not hurting me, might as well leave it.

At his point I knew people couldn’t see me, it was useless to try and talk to anyone. But this was perfect, now I could protect the emperor forever as his guardian spirit. I felt this was a gift given to me by god, the power to protect and do my duty.

I heard cheers coming from the west, the battle was obviously a victory. The country was once again safe, and although I wouldn’t get any recognition for defeating this assassin I hoped people would view me as someone who fell honourably against multiple, skilled opponents in the line of duty. See me as a role model to influence their decisions.

Weeks past and the damage done to the western city was now but a distant memory. The fallen soldiers given a memorial to honour their deaths. I, however received a public military burial to which the city attended. I must admit it felt strange watching myself be buried while my mother and father stood by with a strong feeling of pride engraved on their faces. I’m glad they didn’t feel too bad about my death, knowing it was probably the way I wanted to go.

Slowly the weeks turned to months, each day I spent by the emperors side, protecting him, continually keeping an eye on the chain on my chest growing ever shorter. Eventually the assassination attempts grinded to a halt as the rumour of the emperor having super natural powers spread to neighbouring countries. Nobody dared attack the invulnerable emperors country and during that time peace fell throughout the lands.

After about 13 months of serving as the emperors personal guard my chain was nearly gone, the daily pain was becoming greater and greater and today was going to be my last day before I passed on. I thought about all the good I had managed to do in the short time I protected the emperor, the peace that had come about because of me and i was proud to spend my last moments by the emperors side.

The pain hit like a knife being thrust into my chest. My heart thumped and pounded as if it was trying to escape my body. Is this it? The pain forced me onto my knees, this was not what I imagined going to heaven would feel like. My body began to feel like it was changing, evolving, becoming something I wasn’t so sure i wanted to be. After a few seconds I passed out from the pain, everything merging into a pitch black nothingness.

I awoke what seemed an eternity later, my body felt different and I was met by unparalleled hunger. It took me a couple of second to gain my bearing, I seemed to have forgotten what pain I had just been through. I looked up and saw the room decorated with the blood and guts of everyone in the emperors throne room. Limbs and bones littered the floor and some hung aimlessly from the ceiling. The emperor laid in bits all around the room, his blood mixed in with all the advisors and treasurers which were present at the time. What have I done? Did I do this? No I couldn’t have! How long was I out for?

“Who did this?” I said aloud, my brain to confused to keep it inside.
“What do you mean who did this?” I voice said from beside me “We did this obviously, we devoured everyone”
“Yeah, you seemed to be taking a nap so we just did what seemed natural” A second voice said from behind in a rather calm manner.
“Who are you!?” I bellowed at the top of my lungs “Show yourself!”
“Who are we you say, that’s a silly question. We are you”

Two heads appeared in my field of vision, a black cobra and a white dragon. I couldn’t tell what they were but they both had a limb belonging to the emperor in their mouths.
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PostSubject: Re: My Hollowfication (Part 3)   Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:24 pm

Excellent read.

You could have used some more imagery, eloquence, and other details like that.
However...I loved the whole Guardian Angel bit...lol so points for that



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My Hollowfication (Part 3)
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